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Why Buy Diamonds at Jackson Diamond Jewelers

For more than 65 years and three generations, the Jackson Family has given our clients and community not only the best jewelry, but also the best experience. We have small-town charm with big-city selection. Walk into our store, and you’re a part of the family. Many of our clients become regulars and even friends, and that’s because we believe in more than just selling the best quality jewelry to our clients. We build a trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. We want to be your family’s jeweler.

We provide you with the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and our staff can tell you all there is to know about what makes every diamond special and beautiful, so that you can feel confident selecting the perfect diamond to tell your unique story.

Jackson Diamond Jewelers primarily sells diamonds that are accompanied with a GIA and AGS grading reports. GIA and AGS’ standards are substantially more meticulous than those used by other certification labs or underlying store-branded warranties. Most of the larger diamonds we sell are laser inscribed, which physically links a stone to its’ GIA or AGS report. Diamonds with a GIA or AGS report give you complete assurance of authenticity.

Jackson Diamond Jewelers has a long-term relationship with diamond dealers from all over the world and consider many of them friends. Because of these relationships we can purchase each diamond at the very best prices. Also, because each diamond is unique, we purchase every diamond individually and never in bulk. Because of this, we can look for the perfect diamond to match your desires. Regardless of how big or how much, we will find the best diamond value for you based on your wishes.


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